The Adventures of Marcus and Maxwell: The Quest for El Dorado

A chance encounter of a young boy and a rhinoceros along the banks of a river in India leads to an adventure that crosses the globe in a magnificent quest for a lost city of gold. This is the first story in the Marcus and Maxwell series, and it tells of how the pair, with help of their friends, find the fabled city of El Dorado. The history and myths of Latin America come alive as Marcus and his friends march across the mountainous terrain of Colombia. It is a story of friendship and perseverance and one of forgiveness and sacrifice. Filled with adventure, ghosts, and mythic creatures.

The Colonel Writes to Everyone

What happens when you get everything you ever wanted? I had been a lawyer living a comfortable life alone in the U.S., but a chance encounter with a woman in an airport changed all of that. Six months later I had quit my job, sold my possessions, and moved to the mountains of Colombia. True love is something I found by accident in the process. This is the story of my adventures including run-ins with narcos, thieves, learning a new language, and falling madly deeply in love with a woman and her country.