The Adventures of Marcus and Maxwell: The Search for Cibola

This is my first book that I am selling on Amazon. It is priced at cost and available in electronic and paperback form. It is in the tradition of writers like C.S. Lewis. There are no identity politics, gender politics, or politics of any sort. Nothing about the virus or vaccines or mask wearing. Just a story about friends looking to find their way home. Below is a summary.

When Marcus awakes to find himself stranded in the middle of the White Sands desert he is thrust into an unfamiliar world where his objective is to find his friend Maxwell, an Indian rhinoceros, and their way home to Colombia. With the help of George, a bleached lizard, they begin their journey by searching for water. This simple act has been forbidden by an unwritten though powerful law. The Masters, the ghosts of Billy the Kid and Kit Carson, with their of army blood-thirsty coyotes have enslaved the desert animals as they ravage the land drilling for oil.

Marcus runs into trouble immediately when he is accused of stealing water from the pistachio farms near Las Cruces. He is saved and offered protection by the Brotherhood of the Righteous, a team of former predators, who have dedicated their lives to helping weaker animals. With the help of the Brotherhood, Marcus and Maxwell journey north to seek the counsel of an ancient creature known only as the Voice who is said to inhabit the high mountain peaks.

Marcus encounters many animals on his journey across New Mexico from the lizards and rabbits of the southern desert, to the wild horses of Placitas, to the noble rams in the northern mountains. Marcus is a person filled with love whose life is ruled by the bonds of friendship and helping others. His words become a powerful force that spreads throughout the desert as fast as the wind will carry them. He becomes known as the Prophet to those who have never seen him.

Tensions escalate between the animals and the oil interests, and Marcus and Maxwell find themselves in the middle of a war for the very life of the desert.