Why the first Godfather was better than the second

This is going to be a short post, but I will explain to you why the first Godfather was better than the second Godfather II.  Now the obvious explanation is that the second is too long and it is really two movies in one – that is, the story of Michael Corleone and Heiman Roth and the back story of Don Corleone.  NO, that is not the reason although it is two movies and it would have been better if the director had split it into a sequel and a prequel.

The real reason is that Michael Corleone is in no way LIKABLE.  Everything about Michael is horrible.  Maybe it is because Brando was a better actor than Pacino, but you could always sympathize with Don Corleone (Brando).  Michael Corleone is a sociopath and perhaps Pacino is a worse actor, but nothing about Michael is redeemable.  He is an awful human being and it is not possible for part 2 to ever measure up to the first because of this.

Take away – if you prefer Part II…you are a flawed human being.  If you prefer the original…keep doing what you are doing.

Good night and God bless.

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